Creative financing is our business.

BB Custom Credit Counselling and BB Custom Financial Services are Nova Scotian-owned and operated businesses with decades of experience in the credit and financial consulting sector.

Whether you are thinking about buying a home, paying off bills or want to use your home’s equity to make improvements, we are here to help you meet your goals. Consultation is free and confidential, and attending a meeting does not impact your credit rating.

There is a solution to every financial problem.

Financial troubles can have a negative effect on your health, relationships and even your job. You may be fearful of answering the phone or getting your mail. You might choose to ignore the problem until you are forced to deal with it. To avoid these issues, it is important to get help as early as possible.

At BB Custom Credit Counselling we listen to your personal story and propose solutions that are right for your situation, your needs, and your life. Our solutions are specially tailored to give you relief. We are here to listen and to help. We understand what you’re going through. We will help stop your financial pain.


We design financial solutions to provide relief from financial pain.

We offer financial pain relief, no creditor calls, one monthly payment, and you save interest and penalties. We give you empowerment over your finances. Our goal is to build you a strong financial future. Bankruptcy is not the only way to get out from under financial troubles. Our consultation is free and confidential, and attending a meeting does not impact your credit rating.

Existing financial problems affect your chances of getting a mortgage. By looking at what you currently owe, we can help you consolidate credit cards, loans and other debts that increase your chances of securing favourable mortgage terms.

We can help you buy a home or vacation home of your dreams, or add investment property to your retirement portfolio.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Non-traditional financing is helpful for those clients with a poor or unfavourable credit history, or unexpected life changes like job changes, health issues, and breakdown of a relationship. Did you know some institutions do not lend to pay off Revenue Canada debt? Private financing can solve this problem.

Private financing can be with a private individual or private company specializing in secured mortgages. The criteria for private borrowing can be more flexible than traditional lending institution policies.

Creative financing is an innovative way to customize unique financial solutions. At BB Custom we know every problem has a solution.

We negotiate to save you interest and penalties, and help you establish a new, affordable repayment plan with your creditors. No more creditor calls, one monthly payment, stress relief and you feel empowered.

Bankruptcy is not the only way to get out from under your financial difficulties. Credit Counselling is an excellent alternative that will not negatively affect your assets.

Debt settlement refers to any process that allows you to get out of debt for less than the full amount you owe. Often you pay a percentage of the balance due. Then the creditor discharges the remaining balance.

We can discuss the benefits and risks associated with different forms of debt settlement and if any are the best option for you.

Discussing money can often be an unpleasant experience people ignore to avoid confrontation. You do not have to be delinquent with creditor payments or behind on your bills to ask for help.

Money management will offer you relief from financial stress. Contact us to find out how our Money Management works.

Financial planning begins by assessing the current state of your finances. We then turn to look at your future financial objectives. From there we then develop and initiate a plan to attain those goals.


Not only will you meet well-connected, experienced and reputable financial planners, you will meet great individuals who are genuinely interested in your wellbeing. We will be forever grateful to have met the staff at BB Custom Financial.
C & J, Kentville, NS

Being a 10 year plus client of BB Custom Credit Councelling I have found the staff to be honest, trustworthy, competent and compassionate; sensitive to the individual needs of their clients and have found their business ethics above reproach.
D & B, Halifax, NS

BB Custom Credit Counselling changed my life. From money management, credit rebuilding and asset growth, I am in a 180 degree position from where I was just a short time ago. I am growing net worth!!! Thank you BB Custom. I trust you with my future.
B & A, Halifax, NS


A Nova Scotian company – owned and operated

Established in 1994, BB Custom Credit Counselling and BB Custom Financial Services have decades of expertise in the credit and financial consulting sector of Nova Scotia. At BB Custom we feel honoured to help individuals find credit solutions that free them from financial burden. “Where have you been all my life” is high praise from our clients.

The BB Custom team knows what it takes to ease your stress and secure your future. There is always a solution to a financial problem and we will help you find yours. We do not work for you – we collaborate with you. We are your support team.

Our Counsellors


Bonnie began her work in the financial sector part time while attending university and continued full time in banking industry. Later in her career, Bonnie became the first mortgage broker in Nova Scotia.

Bonnie saw there was an opportunity to offer personal custom solutions from a variety of sources that could solve clients’ financial dilemmas. In answer to that opportunity Bonnie established BB Custom Financial Services Limited and BB Custom Credit Counselling Limited in 1994. She and her team have successfully stopped financial pain and have set clients on the path to financial independence.


Shelley began her career with BB Custom Financial Services in 1998, bringing her accounting education along with a desire to learn about new financial options to help people in need. She assists clients in between credit counselling, money management, mortgages, loans, and financial planning solutions. She is passionate about her career. It is important to her that clients are comfortable and do not feel judged. No problem is too small. Shelley wants her clients to know they have options, and BB Custom Financial Services can help.


Contact us for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

BB Custom Credit Counselling Services Ltd & BB Custom Financial Services Ltd

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